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So you're interested in reality (as opposed to dreams).

Well, what can we say?  It's a stretch to think you could actually gain admission to, attend and graduate from college-- all in a mere ten minutes.  Maybe 3 or 4 hours, but not ten minutes.

With that said why not indulge yourself in some more dream education?

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Of course, if ten minutes is just too big of a commitment-- it's OK with us if you throw caution to the wild wind and jump to your no cost Kno and Go University diploma.

If that document disappoints and you want a more "realistic" diploma from Kno and Go, click here.   These guys were nice enough to set this up (except they wanted us to mention they have "great stuff about college").

While we're rambling--  we'd very much like to thank Justin Arruda for the cool bouncing script, and the folks at for their nifty slide show.  We're optimists, so we're "sure" these things work in more than just our browser.

Speaking of browsers-- if yours is the masochist it appears to be, check out this list of humor pages.  Most of these sites are dinosaurs, just like this one.

Finally, if you'd like to join your browser in some masochism, why not double your time at Kno and Go. You can do this by also attending the original university.  By our calculation, that would bring your education to a full twenty minutes.

Thank you so much and we hope we haven't dashed your aspirations and/or interrupted your mid-morning nap.