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College Admission thru Graduation in Ten Minutes- Get a real online education

Real Books!   Real Teachers!   Real Fast!
Much has been written about the missed potential of online education.
  • Despite the advanced technology employed-- 4 YEAR PROGRAMS STILL REQUIRE 6 MONTHS, 9 MONTHS OR EVEN A YEAR TO COMPLETE!
  • Despite the convenience of earning them in your rec room or on your favorite stool at the Waffle Nook-- COLLEGE DEGREES STILL REQUIRE STUDYING, WRITING PAPERS AND TAKING EXAMS!
  • Despite the cost savings from closing campuses and firing qualified teachers-- GOING TO COLLEGE STILL REQUIRES TUITION!
We at College Admission thru Graduation in Ten Minutes find this completely unacceptable.  In fact, we find it so completely unacceptable we decided to do something about it!

We rounded up support from the Duntlinger Foundation and developed a BRAND NEW BLUEPRINT FOR ONLINE EDUCATION!  

With the new blueprint

  • The entire college experience is compacted to 10 SHORT MINUTES
  • The stupefying pain of academic rigor is relieved like a bad hangover
  • Tuition is generously underwritten by Duntlinger, with ABSOLUTELY NO COST to students

Make no mistake though, the new blueprint includes REAL BOOKS and REAL TEACHERS.  It's just that the new blueprint is REAL FAST!  So REAL FAST-- well, you need to see for yourself!









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