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Please read this important announcement about The Duntlinger Group's new policy regarding free college educations.

To serve our clients better, we have decided to make College Admission thru Graduation in Ten Minutes a paid service. This will help us provide better and faster tech support to our students, better hardware resources to enhance performance and better technology upgrades.

In line with this new policy, The Duntlinger Group is closing all free accounts effective immediately. We will reopen in the near future under a different business model (employing fewer tricks, gimmicks and annoying advertisements).

If this change finds you in the middle of a semester or something we regret any inconvenience.

As far as the rest of your free studies go, chalk your degree up to life experience and click here for your no cost diploma.

-The Duntlinger Group











Reality Check    Did you think reading way down here at the bottom of the page was gonna change anything?  Well it's not.